2015–2016 Meet­ing Program

Thursday, Sept. 17th, 2015Sourav SenguptaCatalysis – An Indispensable Tool
Sourav Sengupta, DuPont - 2015 CCP Award Winner
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Thursday, Oct. 15th, 2015Matt NeurockEngineering Molecular Transformations over Supported Metal Catalysts for the Sustainable Conversion of Biomass-Derived Intermediates to Chemicals and Fuels
Matt Neurock, University of Minnesota
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Brian MurphyStudent Speaker
Selectivity Control in the Catalytic Dehydration of Methyl Lactate over Alkali-Metal Zeolites

Brian Murphy, University of Delaware |  Abstract »
Thursday, Nov. 19th, 2015John HolladayCatalysis for renewable fuels and chemicals: Challenges today and a look into where we are going
John Holladay, PNNL
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Graduate Student Poster Session
Thursday, Jan. 28th, 2016Jingguang ChenCO2 Conversion via Catalysis and Electrocatalysis
Jingguang Chen, Columbia University
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Student Speaker
Methanol reactivity on nanocrystalline anatase TiO2 thin films

David Bennett, University of Pennsylvania  |  Abstract »
Thursday, Feb. 18th, 2016Susannah ScottActivation and Self-Initiation in the Phillips Ethylene Polymerization Catalyst
Susannah Scott, UCSB
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Student Speaker
Ethylene Polymerization by Supported CrOx/SiO2 Catalysts:
Active Sites, Surface Intermediates and Structure-Activity Relationship

Anisha Chakrabarti, Lehigh University  |  Abstract »
Officer Nominations
Thursday, Mar. 24th, 2016Bingjun XuIdentification of Active Sites for Methyl Lactate Dehydration on Faujasites
Bingjun Xu, UD
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Officer Nominations
Thursday, Apr. 21st, 2016TBA
Rob Rioux, PSU
Officer Elections
Thursday, May 12th, 2016Spring Symposium
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2014 – 2015 Meeting Program

Thursday, 18-Sept-2014Hai-Ying ChenChallenges and Solutions in Developing Zeolite Supported Transition Metal Catalysts for Lean-Burn NOx Emission Control
Dr. Hai-Ying Chen, Johnson Matthey - 2014 CCP Award Winner
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Thursday, 16-Oct-2014UOP Advanced MTO Technology – A New Route for the Production of Light Olefins
Dr. Paul Barger, UOP - Ciapetta Award Lecture
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Graduate Student Poster Session
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Thursday, 13-Nov-2014
Prof. Xianqin Wang, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Thursday, 22-Jan-2015Julia VallaChallenges and Advances in Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass using Zeolites
Prof. Julia Valla, University of Connecticut
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Student Speaker
Minghui Zhu, Lehigh University
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Thursday, 19-Feb-2015Umit OzkanBridging Heterogeneous Catalysis and Electro-catalysis: Catalysis Reactions Involving Oxygen
Prof. Umit Ozkan, Ohio State University
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Student Speaker
Bahar Ipek, University of Delaware
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Officer Nominations
Thursday, 19-Mar-2015DFT Investigation of Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation Reactions on Binary Metal Alloys: Effect of Surface Ensembles and Composition
Fuat Celik, Rutgers University
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Officer Nominations
Thursday, 16-Apr-2015George Huber
George Huber, University of Wisconsin, Madison
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Officer Elections
Thursday, May-2015Spring Symposium
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2013-2014 Meeting Program

Thursday, 19-Sept-2013Kinetics and Mechanisms of C-C Forming and C-O Cleavage Reactions of Interests in Bio-oil Upgrading
Daniel E. Resasco, University of Oklahoma - 2013 CCP Award Lec­ture
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Thursday, 24-Oct-2013Poster Session
Time: 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Students should arrive at 4:30 pm to set up their posters.
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Thursday, 24-Oct-2013Ray GorteDeveloping Ceria-Based Catalysts
Raymond J. Gorte, University of Pennsylvania
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Note: The October meeting will have a buffet dinner.
Thursday, 21-Nov-2013Charles T. CampbellThermodynamics and kinetics of elementary reaction steps on late transition metal catalysts, and using them to search for better catalysts
Charles T. Campbell, University of Washington - Burwell Lecture
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Thursday, 21-Nov-2013TBA
Jing Luo, University of Pennsylvania - Student Speaker
Thursday, 23-Jan-2014TBA
Chris Jones, Georgia Tech. - Emmett Awardee
Thursday, 23-Jan-2014Renewable production of phthalic anhydride from biomass-derived furan and maleic anhydride
Eyas Mahmoud, University of Delaware - Student Speaker
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Thursday, 20-Feb-2014Nomination of new officers
Thursday, 20-Feb-2014TBA
Paul Dauenhauer, U. Mass.
Thursday, 20-Mar-2014TBA
Simon Podkolzin, Stevens Inst.
Thursday, 20-Mar-2014TBA
Vassili Vorotnikovl, University of Delaware - Student Speaker
Thursday, 10-Apr-2014Election of new officers
Thursday, 10-Apr-2014Intrinsic Deactivation in Cobalt-Catalyzed Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Gabor Kiss, ExxonMobil Res. and Eng. Co.,
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Thursday, May-2014Spring Symposium
Vladimiros Niko­lakis, Organizer
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2012-2013 Meeting Program

Thursday, 20-Sep-2012Water Gas Shift over Industrial Cu Catalysts: A Mechanistic and Microkinetic Investigation
Rostam J. Madon, BASF Corporation - 2012 CCP Award Lecture
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Thursday, 18-Oct-2012Poster Session
Time: 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Poster abstracts »
Thursday, 18-Oct-2012Israel E. WachsPervasiveness of Surface Metal Oxide Phases In Mixed Oxide Catalysts
Israel E. Wachs, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
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Thursday, 15-Nov-2012A DFT study of the acid-catalyzed conversion of 2,5-dimethylfuran and ethylene to p-xylene
Nima Nikbin, University of Delaware - Student Presentation
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Thursday, 15-Nov-2012Jason B. BaxterDesigning and Probing Photovoltaic and Photocatalytic Materials
Jason B. Baxter, Drexel University
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Thursday, 17-Jan-2013Stuart SoledSupported Metal Catalysts - Issues and Opportunities
Stuart Soled, ExxonMobile Research and Engi­neer­ing Co.
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Thursday, 21-Feb-2013Nomination of new officers

Thursday, 21-Feb-2013Anne GaffneyOxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane to Ethylene
Anne Gaffney, AMG Catalysis and Chemistry Consulting, LLC
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Thursday, 21-Mar-2013James B. MillerSulfur-Resistant Pd- Alloy Membranes for H2 Purification
James B. Miller, Carnegie Mellon
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Thursday, 21-Mar-2013Nature of Cat­alytic Active Sur­face Sites on Semi­con­duc­tor Photo­cat­a­lysts for Split­ting of Water
Som­phonh Peter Phivi­lay, Lehigh Uni­ver­sity - Student Presentation
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Thursday, 18-Apr-2013Election of new officers
Candidates Biographies & By-law Amend­ment »
Thursday, 18-Apr-2013John KitchinIn Situ Spectroscopic Studies of Metal Oxide Electrodes During Water Oxidation
John Kitchin, Carnegie Mellon University
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Thursday, 9-May-2013Spring Symposium
Carl Menning, Organizer
Doubletree Hotel in Wilm­ing­ton, DE
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2011-2012 Meeting Program

Thursday, 22-Sep-2011Oxygen-enhanced Water Gas Shift over Bimetallic Catalysts for More Efficient Hydrogen Production
Prof. Chunshan Song, Pennsylvania State University - 2011 Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award Lecture
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Thursday, 13-Oct-2011Timely 21st Century Challenges: New Small Molecules Chemistries
Prof. Roy A. Periana, The Scripps Research Institute
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Thursday, 17-Nov-2011Graduate Student Poster Competition
Poster Session starts at 5 PM
Thursday, 17-Nov-2011Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - Moving to Proton Conduction and Material Insights by Neutron Diffraction
Steven McIntosh, Lehigh University
Announcement »
Thursday, 19-Jan-2012Conductive ceramic anodes for SOFCs based on Infiltration
Lawrence Adijanto, University of Pennsylvania
Student Presentation
Thursday, 19-Jan-2012Electrocatalysis: The next frontier in catalysis for energy conversion and storage
Yushan Yan, University of Delaware
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Thursday, 16-Feb-2012Nomination of Officers for the 2012-2013 Season
Thursday, 16-Feb-2012Fundamental Studies on the Water-gas Shift Reaction on Metal/Oxide Catalysts: Active Sites and Reaction Mechanism
José A. Rodriguez, Brookhaven National Laboratory
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Thursday, 22-Mar-2012New Insights into the Water-Gas Shift Reaction over Bulk Cr2O3*Fe2O3 Mixed Oxide Catalysts: A Combined Operando Raman-IR-XAS-MS Investigation
Christopher J. Keturakis, Lehigh University
Student Presentation
Thursday, 22-Mar-2012Quantifying the Redox Properties of Metal-Oxide Catalysts and Their Relationship to Catalytic Activity
Prof. John M. Vohs, University of Pennsylvania
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Thursday, 19-Apr-2012Election of New Officers for the 2012-2013 Season
Thursday, 19-Apr-20122011 Burwell Lecture: Sponsored by Johnson Matthey
From Biomass to Tailored Fuels via Selective Catalysis
Johannes A. Lercher, Technische Universität München
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Monday, May-2012Spring Symposium
Bjorn Moden, Organizer

2010–2011 Meeting Program

Thursday, 23-Sep-20102010 CCP Award Lecture
Structural Effects on the Adsorptive Properties of Molecular Sieves
Dr. Charles Coe, Villanova University
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Thursday, 21-Oct-2010Student Poster Competition
Thursday, 21-Oct-2010Development of Environmentally Benign Energy Technologies
Prof. Marco Castaldi, Columbia University
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Thursday, 18-Nov-2010Structure Property Relationships of Supported Pt/3d Bimetallic Catalysts
Bill Lonergan, University of Delaware
Student Presentation
Thursday, 18-Nov-2010Self-Moving Catalytic Nanomotors
Prof. Ayusman Sen, Pennsylvania State University
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Thursday, 20-Jan-2011X-Ray Spectroscopy in Catalysis Research: Application to Au Catalysts
Jeffrey Miller, Argonne National Laboratory
2010 Ciappetta Lectureship Awardee
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Thursday, 17-Feb-2011Nomination of Officers for the 2011-2012 Season
Thursday, 17-Feb-2011Bridging the Gap between Heterogeneous and Enzyme Catalysis: In Situ Spectroscopic Study of Vanadium Haloperoxidase Enzyme Functional Mimics
Julie E. Molinari, Lehigh University
Student Presentation
Thursday, 17-Feb-2011A theoretical perspective of the effect of the support in heterogeneous catalysis: The example of vanadia catalysts for selective oxidation
Dr. Veronica Ganduglia-Pirovano, Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry, Madrid
Announcement »
Thursday, 17-Mar-2011Systematic Studies of the Cathode-Electrolyte Interface in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes
Rainer Kungas, University of Pennsylvania
Student Presentation
Thursday, 17-Mar-2011Origin of Acidity of Pt-Re/C Bimetallic Catalyst for the Aqueous Phase Reforming of Glycerol
David L. King, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Announcement »
Thursday, 14-Apr-2011Election of New Officers for the 2011-2012 Season
Thursday, 14-Apr-2011Complex oxides as self-regenerating catalysts
Prof. Susannah Scott, University of California, Santa Barbara
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Monday, May-2011Spring Symposium
Joseph Fedeyko, Organizer

2009-2010 Meeting Program

Thursday, 17-Sept-20092009 CCP Award Lecture
New Concepts in Catalytic Membrane Reactor Science
Prof. S. Ted Oyama, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Announcement »
Thursday, 17-Sept-2009Gas-phase coupling behavior in surface reactions studied by in situ surface imaging and scanning mass spectrometry
Daniel Bilbao, University of Delaware
Student Presentation
Thursday, 22-Oct-2009Restocking Burwell’s Organometallic Zoo: Supported Metal Complexes and Metal Clusters with Well-Defined Structures
Prof. Bruce Gates, University of California, Davis
2009 Burwell Lecturer
Announcement »
Thursday, 22-Oct-2009Controlling the Bond Scission Sequence of Methanol Decomposition on Platinum-Modified Tungsten Carbide
Alan L. Stottlemyer, University of Delaware
Student Presentation
Thursday, 19-Nov-2009Green Gasoline - A Better Biofuel
Prof. John Regalbuto, University of Illinois at Chicago
Announcement »
Thursday, 19-Nov-2009The Influence of Cobalt Loading on Oxidation of Supported Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Kevin Bakhmutsky, University of Pennsylvania
Student Presentation
Thursday, 21-Jan-2010Shape effects in Au/Ceria catalysts for the low-temperature methanol steam reforming and water-gas shift reactions
Prof. Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, Tufts University
Announcement »
Thursday, 21-Jan-2010Resolving the Contributions of Surface Lewis and Bronsted Acid Sites during NOx/NH3 SCR: An Operando TP-IR Spectroscopic Investigation
Kevin Doura, Lehigh University
Student Presentation
Thursday, 18-Feb-2010Heterogeneous Catalysts Designed for High Selectivity using Molecular Recognition
Prof. Robert Rioux, Pennsylvania State University
Announcement »
Thursday, 18-Feb-2010Nomination of new CCP officers for 2010-2011
Thursday, 18-Mar-2010Structural, Electronic, and Catalytic Properties of Micellar Metal Nanoparticles: Size, Shape, Support, and Oxidation State Effect
Prof. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya, University of Central Florida
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Thursday, 18-Mar-2010Graduate Student Poster Competition
The competition starts at 5 PM
Poster abstracts »
Thursday, 22-Apr-2010The role of surface basal planes of layered mixed metal oxides in selective transformation of lower alkanes: Propane ammoxidation over surface ab planes of Mo-V-Te-Nb-O M1 phase
Prof. Vadim V. Guliants, University of Cincinnati
Announcement »
Thursday, 22-Apr-2010Election of new officers for the 2010-2011 season
Biographical sketches » of the candidates.
Thursday, 13-May-2010Spring Symposium
Topic: Catalysis for Energy, Sustainability and Environment
Symposium program »