2009-2010 Meeting Program

Thursday, 17-Sept-20092009 CCP Award Lecture
New Concepts in Catalytic Membrane Reactor Science
Prof. S. Ted Oyama, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
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Thursday, 17-Sept-2009Gas-phase coupling behavior in surface reactions studied by in situ surface imaging and scanning mass spectrometry
Daniel Bilbao, University of Delaware
Student Presentation
Thursday, 22-Oct-2009Restocking Burwell’s Organometallic Zoo: Supported Metal Complexes and Metal Clusters with Well-Defined Structures
Prof. Bruce Gates, University of California, Davis
2009 Burwell Lecturer
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Thursday, 22-Oct-2009Controlling the Bond Scission Sequence of Methanol Decomposition on Platinum-Modified Tungsten Carbide
Alan L. Stottlemyer, University of Delaware
Student Presentation
Thursday, 19-Nov-2009Green Gasoline - A Better Biofuel
Prof. John Regalbuto, University of Illinois at Chicago
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Thursday, 19-Nov-2009The Influence of Cobalt Loading on Oxidation of Supported Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Kevin Bakhmutsky, University of Pennsylvania
Student Presentation
Thursday, 21-Jan-2010Shape effects in Au/Ceria catalysts for the low-temperature methanol steam reforming and water-gas shift reactions
Prof. Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, Tufts University
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Thursday, 21-Jan-2010Resolving the Contributions of Surface Lewis and Bronsted Acid Sites during NOx/NH3 SCR: An Operando TP-IR Spectroscopic Investigation
Kevin Doura, Lehigh University
Student Presentation
Thursday, 18-Feb-2010Heterogeneous Catalysts Designed for High Selectivity using Molecular Recognition
Prof. Robert Rioux, Pennsylvania State University
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Thursday, 18-Feb-2010Nomination of new CCP officers for 2010-2011
Thursday, 18-Mar-2010Structural, Electronic, and Catalytic Properties of Micellar Metal Nanoparticles: Size, Shape, Support, and Oxidation State Effect
Prof. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya, University of Central Florida
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Thursday, 18-Mar-2010Graduate Student Poster Competition
The competition starts at 5 PM
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Thursday, 22-Apr-2010The role of surface basal planes of layered mixed metal oxides in selective transformation of lower alkanes: Propane ammoxidation over surface ab planes of Mo-V-Te-Nb-O M1 phase
Prof. Vadim V. Guliants, University of Cincinnati
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Thursday, 22-Apr-2010Election of new officers for the 2010-2011 season
Biographical sketches » of the candidates.
Thursday, 13-May-2010Spring Symposium
Topic: Catalysis for Energy, Sustainability and Environment
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2008-2009 Meeting Program

Thursday, 18-Sept-2008Benefits of Diffusion Control in Chemical Processes
Prof. David Olson, 2008 CCP Award Lecture
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Thursday, 18-Sept-2008Nanoparticle precursors and phase selectivity in hydrothermal synthesis of zeolite beta
Nathan Hould, University of Delaware
Student Presentation
Wednesday, 22-Oct-2008Joint meeting with AIChE - 2008 CCP Award Lecture
Supported Gold Catalysts for CO Oxidation: Synthesis, Activation, Deactivation, and Identification of Catalytically Active Species
Prof. Bruce Gates, University of California, Davis
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Thursday, 13-Nov-2008Using Aberration-corrected STEM Imaging to Explore Chemical and Structural Variations in the MoVNbTeO Oxidation Catalyst
Prof. Douglas J. Buttrey, University of Delaware
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Thursday, 13-Nov-2008The Effect of Thermodynamic Properties of Zirconia-Supported Fe3O4 on Water-Gas Shift Activity
Ivan Baldychev, University of Pennsylvania
Student Presentation
Thursday, 22-Jan-2009Catalytic Conversion of Biorenewable Molecules to Fuels and Chemicals
Prof. Bob Davis, University of Virginia
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Thursday, 19-Feb-2009Hydrodesulfurization with classic Ni-MoS2/Al2O3 and new Pt-Pd on mesoporous zeolite catalysts
Prof. Roel Prins, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
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Thursday, 19-Feb-2009Nomination of new officers for 2009-2010
Thursday, 19-Mar-2009Toward the Design of Water Gas Shift Catalysts
Prof. Nicholas Delgass, Purdue University
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Thursday, 19-Mar-2009Student Poster Competition
Presentations Start at 5:00 PM
2009 Poster Competition Abstracts »
Thursday, 16-Apr-2009Nanostrucutred material synthesis and catalysis
Prof. Mayfair Kung, Northwestern University
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Thursday, 16-Apr-2009Election of new officers for the 2009-10 season
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Thursday, 21-May-20092009 Spring Symposium
Clayton Hall Conference Center, University of Delaware
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2007-2008 Meeting Program

Thursday, 20-Sept-2007Mechanistic Studies of Hydrogen Production from Methanol on PdZn Alloy Catalysts
Prof. John M. Vohs, University of Pennsylvania
2007 CCP Award Lecture
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Thursday, 18-Oct-2007Is There a Relationship Between the M=O Bond Strength of Bulk Mixed Metal Oxides and Catalytic Activity?
Kamalakanta Routray, Lehigh University
Student Presentation
Thursday, 18-Oct-2007A Sudden Expansion in Multi-dimentional High Silica 10-ring Zeolites: Why Now?
Dr. Stacey I. Zones, Research Fellow, Chevron Energy and Technology Company
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Thursday, 15-Nov-2007Joint meeting with the Catalysis Society of Metropolitan New York
Selective oxidation using supported gold and gold palladium nanoparticles
Prof. Graham Hutchings, Cardiff University, UK
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Thursday, 17-Jan-2008General Trends in the Stability of Monolayer Bimetallic Surfaces
Carl A. Menning, University of Delaware
Student Presentation
Thursday, 17-Jan-2008New Opportunities for Catalysis: Biomass to Renewable Fuels and Chemicals
Dr. Leo E. Manzer, President, Catalytic Insights LLC
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Thursday, 21-Feb-2008Nomination of new officers for 2008-2009
Thursday, 21-Feb-2008Carbon Dioxide Reduction in a Solid Oxide Electrolyzer
Fred Bidrawn, University of Pennsylvania
Student Presentation
Thursday, 21-Feb-2008Structure Sensitivity of Styrene Epoxidation on Silver: Mechanistic Origins
Prof. Robert J. Madix, Stanford University
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Thursday, 13-Mar-2008Student Poster Competition
Presentations Start at 5:00 PM
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Thursday, 13-Mar-2008Hydrogen Storage and Delivery Using Liquid Carriers
Dr. Guido Pez, Air Products and Chemicals
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Thursday, 24-Apr-2008Election of new officers
Candidates short biographies »
Thursday, 24-Apr-2008In situ Structural and Mechanistic Investigation of the Catalytic Properties of Silver and Gold Nanoclusters
Prof. Robbie Burch, Queen's University, Belfast
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Thursday, 22-May-2008Spring Symposium
Clayton Hall Conference Center, University of Delaware

2006-2007 Meeting Program

Thursday, 28-Sept-2006High throughput experimentation and its applications to NOX storage and reduction (NSR) catalysts
Rohit Vijay, University of Delaware
Thursday, 28-Sept-20062006 CCP Award Lecture
Catalytic Production of Liquid Fuels and Chemicals from Biomass-derived Oxygenated Hydrocarbons
Prof. James Dumesic, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Thursday, 19-Oct-2006Redox Properties of Supported Vanadium Systems
Parag R. Shah, University of Pennsylvania
Student Presentation
Thursday, 19-Oct-2006Experimental and Computational Studies of Reaction Pathways and Size Dependence in Au Catalysis
Dr. Steven H. Overbury, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Thursday, 9-Nov-2006 Joint meeting with the Catalysis Society of Metropolitan New York
Supported Metal Catalysts: Some Interesting New Leads In An Old Field And Use Of Zeta Potential Measurements In Catalyst Characterization
Dr. Stuart Soled, ExxonMobil - 2006 Ciapetta Lecturer
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Thursday, 25-Jan-2007New Insights into the Solid Acidity of Supported WO3/ZrO2 Catalysts
E. I. Ross, Lehigh University
Student Presentation
Thursday, 25-Jan-2007Hydrogen from Renewable Fuels in Millisecond Reactors
Prof. Lanny Schmidt, University of Minnesota
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Thursday, 22-Feb-2007Nomination of new officers for 2007-2008
Thursday, 22-Feb-2007The Organic-Inorganic Interface in Synthesis and Catalysis
Prof. Galen Stucky, University of California at Santa Barbara
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Thursday, 22-Mar-2007Student Poster Competition
Presentations Start at 5:00 PM
Thursday, 22-Mar-2007From Photocatalysis to Selective Hydrogenation on Microporous Silicas
Prof. Raul F. Lobo, University of Delaware
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Thursday, 19-Apr-2007Election of new officers
Thursday, 19-Apr-2007A “Chemical Plant” in the Tailpipe: NOx Adsorber Catalysts for Diesel NOx Emission Control
Dr. Hai-Ying Chen, Johnson Matthey Inc., Emission Control Technologies
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Monday, 14-May-2007Spring Symposium
Holiday Inn Select Hotel
Naamans Road and I-95
Claymont, DE

2005-2006 Meeting Program

Thursday, 15-Sept-2005Computer Modeling of Catalytic Systems
Prof. Matthew Neurock, University of Virginia
Thursday, 15-Sept-2005Carbides and Alternative Electrocatalysts
Mike Zellner, University of Delaware
Student Presentation
Thursday, 20-Oct-2005Molecular Characterisation of Catalysts under Reaction Conditions
Prof. Israel Wachs, Lehigh University
Thursday, 20-Oct-2005Tuning the Electronic and Molecular Structures of Catalytic Active Sites with
Oxide Nanoligands
Elizabeth I. Ross, Lehigh University
Student Presentation
Thursday, 17-Nov-2005Joint meeting with the NY Club
Structural Requirements and Reaction Pathways in Methane Reactions Catalyzed by Supported Metal Clusters
Prof. Enrique Iglesia - Burwell Lecture, UC Berkeley
Thursday, 19-Jan-2006Environmental Catalysis for Mobile Lean Exhaust Emissions- Current Status and Challenges
Dr. Aleksey Yezerets, Cummins Inc.
Thursday, 19-Jan-2006Student Poster Competition
Thursday, 16-Feb-2006Ceria Based Catalysis from Automotive to Water gas Shift
Prof. Raymond Gorte, University of Pennsylvania
Thursday, 16-Feb-2006An Investigation of NOx Storage on Pt-BaO-Al2O3
Gong Zhou, University of Pennsylvania
Student Presentation
Thursday, 16-Mar-2006Nanostructure of a High-Permeability, Hydrogen-Selective Inorganic Membrane
Prof. Ted Oyama, Virginia Tech
Thursday, 16-Mar-2006Silica-Alumina Interactions in Precursor Zeolite Solutions
Joe Fedeyko, University of Delaware
Student Presentation
Thursday, 20-Apr-2006Molecular Selectivity of Shape Selective Heavy Paraffin Hydroisomerization
Dr. Bruce R. Cook, ExxonMobil
Thursday, 18-May-2006Spring Symposium
Roger Grey, Organizer

2004-2005 Meeting Program

Thursday, 23-Sept-2004Mechanism of NOx reduction with oxygenates over BaY: New insights into criteria for the reduction of diesel emissions at low temperature
Wolfgang Sachtler and Eric Weitz, Northwestern University
Thursday, 21-Oct-2004New Insights into the Novel Properties of Bimetallic Catalysts
Jingguang Chen - 2004 Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award Lecture, University of Delaware
Wednesday, 17-Nov-2004Catalytic Production of Fuels from Biomass-Derived Oxygenated Hydrocarbons
James Dumesic, University of Wisconsin
Thursday, 20-Jan-2005What Makes Gold an Active Catalyst?
Harold Kung, Northwestern University
Thursday, 17-Feb-2005Coated Bifunctional Catalysts for NOx SCR with Hydrocarbons
Christopher Marshall, Argonne National Laboratory
Wednesday, 23-Mar-2005The Fundamentals behind Catalyst Manufacturing Processes
Arthur Chester, Rutgers University
Wednesday, 27-Apr-2005Title TBA
Mark Davis, California Institute of Technology
22 to 27-May-200519th North American Catalysis Society Meeting
Philadelphia, PA

2003-2004 Meeting Program

Thursday, 18-Sept-2003An Informatics Approach to Catalyst Design
Nick Delgass, Purdue University
Thursday, 23-Oct-2003The Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of 1,5-Dimethyl-2-Piperidone
Frank Herkes - 2003 Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award Lecture, DuPont Textiles and Interiors
Thursday, 13-Nov-2003Joint Meeting with ACS-DE
Catalyzed Dilactide Polymerization (utilization of renewable feedstocks)
Malcolm Chisholm, Ohio State University
Thursday, 15-Jan-2004Structural and Electronic Effects on Pt and Ru Catalyst Surfaces
John Yates, University of Pittsburgh
Thursday, 19-Feb-2004Functional Characterization of Solid Acids and Bases
Johannes Lercher, Technical University of Munich
Thursday, 18-Mar-2004Is Selective Aerobic Oxidation in Supercritical Water Feasible?
Walt Partenheimer, Central Research & Development, DuPont
Thursday, 15-Apr-2004Exploring Catalyzed Reaction Mechanisms via Experiment and Theory
Alex T. Bell, University of California at Berkeley
Thursday, 20-May-2004Spring Symposium
University of Delaware