Responsibilities of Officers

Responsibilities of Officers


  1. Preside over all the meetings; in charge of all the affairs of the Club.
  2. Contributions to website and suggested timing
    • Welcoming letter – August-September
    • List of new officers with affiliation and emails – June
    • Bio­graph­ies of the candidates for the CCP Exec­u­tive Committee – February-March
    • Election results – April


Arrange the Spring Symposium (Suggestions for planning)

  1. Identify speakers; negotiate travel arrangements; indentify site and negotiate contract (9 months before the Symposium).
  2. Obtain speaker talk titles; prepare preliminary program and announcement; distribute Symposium announcement to membership (Secretary); post Symposium announcement on CCP website (Communications); identify platinum sponsors who may want a booth or other special arrangements (3 months before the Symposium).
  3. Finalize contract with location; obtain speaker talk abstracts and biographical sketches; prepare Program; post Symposium program with abstracts, bios on CCP website (Communications); compile registrations for attendance list; finalize special arrangements with platinum sponsors (1 month before the Symposium).
  4. Confirm final headcount with site; give pre-registration list to Treasurer; Print Symposium program and pre-registration list for attendees; obtain holders for nametags; print and assemble nametags for attendees (1 week before the Symposium).
  5. Set up registration desk (with Treasurer); provide updated lunch headcount to site (Day of Symposium).
  6. Contributions to website and suggested timing
    • Spring Symposium announcement – January-February
    • Symposium advance registration – March
    • Spring Symposium preliminary program and abstracts – As soon as they become available
    • Spring Symposium final program – As soon as they become available

Past Chair

  1. Chairs the Nominating Committee for the Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award.
  2. By-law IX outlines the procedures for the selection of candidates.
  3. Contributions to website
    • Announcement requesting nominations for the CCP Award – January
    • Press release announcing the CCP Award winner, with picture if available – May


  1. Prepare nametags and collect dues at the gate for monthly meetings.
  2. Pay the bills.
  3. Keep complete financial records of all activities.
  4. Send dues and the list of name, mail address and email address of the registered members to the National Club.
  5. Maintain the tax status of the club.


  1. Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting.
  2. Make the letterhead, send out meeting notices, and publicize the meetings.
  3. Keep track of the membership list and pass on to the National Newsletter Editor.
  4. Contributions to website and suggested timing
    • Monthly meeting announcements: include file in PDF and Microsoft Word formats; and speaker picture – As soon as they become available

Arrangement Chair

(For monthly meetings only)

  1. Negotiate price for the meeting place and dinner menu.
  2. Book the meeting place.
  3. Select the menu and make dinner reservations.
  4. Communicate the menu to Secretary.
  5. Get the name of attendees to the Treasurer 3 days in advance of the meeting.
  6. Arrange for the A/V equipments.
  7. Update and run the slide shows of the current sponsors.
  8. Contributions to website and suggested timing
    • Dinner menu – When available

Program Chair

  1. Invite speakers for the seven meetings and get potential sponsors.
  2. Provide this list (ASAP) to Secretary for his/her use.
  3. Get the abstracts of the talk and the bio-data of the speaker six weeks in advance of the meeting and pass them to Secretary.
  4. Find out what A/V equipments are needed for the talk and inform Arrangement Chair in advance.
  5. Introduce the speakers and run the question and answer sessions.
  6. Invite students from local universities to give short presentations at some of the monthly meetings. Meeting scheduled for September, November, January and March are open to student presentations.
  7. Make travel arrangements and hotel bookings for the speakers if needed.
  8. Find out the meal choice of the speakers and communicate the info to Treasurer.
  9. Contributions to website and suggested timing
    • Selection of dates for Meeting Program – June-August
    • Meeting Program – As soon as it become available

Director Membership

  1. Update the list of the company representatives.
  2. Come up with new initiatives to increase the membership.
  3. Contributions to website and suggested timing
    • Update contact information for company representatives – June-August or as necessary

Director Sponsorship

  1. Arrange for the meeting sponsors.
  2. Update Secretary and Arrangement Chair the current sponsorship list.
  3. Obtain slide-show materials from the sponsors and pass them to Arrangement Chair.
  4. Contributions to website and suggested timing
    • Review website page on Sponsorship – June-July
    • New sponsors – When available

Director Student Poster

  1. Arrange for the poster session and coordinate selection the top five posters and overall poster contest winner (overall winner to speak at annual Spring Symposium).
  2. Borrow easels from University of Delaware and University of Pennsylvania and arrange for the transportation.
  3. Contributions to website and suggested timing
    • Poster competition announcement – July-August
    • List of participants and abstracts – When available
    • Press release with the winners of the poster competition – October


  1. Update the domain name ( registration with once a year
  2. Update web-­hosting service once a year
  3. Main­tain the inter­net pres­ence of the Club

Representative to NACS

  1. Contributions to website and suggested timing