2017 Spring Symposium

8:00 AMRegistration / Breakfast
8:55 AMOpening Remarks
9:00 AMEmerging Challenges In Catalysis For Sustainable Production Of Transport Fuels: An Industrial View
Dr. John Shabaker, BP Products North America
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9:40 AMScience And Technology Of Framework Metal-Containing Molecular Sieves Catalysts
Prof. Laszlo Nemeth, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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10:20 AMCoffee Break
10:40 AMSynthesis Of Zincosilicate Catalysts For The Oligomerization Of Propylene
Dr. Mark Deimund, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
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11:20 AMZeolite Catalysis With A Focus on Downstream Refining Applications
Dr. C.Y. Chen, Chevron Energy Technology Company
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12:00 PMLunch
1:20 PMContinuous Reactors For Homogeneous Catalysis In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Dr. Martin Johnson, Eli Lilly and Company
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2:00 PMMechanisms And Materials For Alkaline Hydrogen Electrocatalysis
Prof. Maureen Tang, Drexel University
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2:40 PM Award Announcement
2:55 PMCoffee Break
3:15 PMProduction Of para-Methylstyrene And para-Divinylbenzene From Furanic Compounds
Maura Koehle, University of Delaware (Student Poster Award Speaker)
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3:35 PMDesign Of Complex Metal/Metal-oxide Heterogeneous Catalytic Materials For Energy And Chemical Conversion
Prof. Eranda Nikolla, Wayne State University
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4:15 PMThe Mechanism Of CO2 Reduction Over Pd/Al2O3: A Combined Steady State Isotope Transient Kinetic Analysis (SSITKA) And Operando FTIR Investigation
Dr. János Szanyi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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4:55 PMClosing Remarks
5:00 PMConference Adjourns

2016 Spring Symposium

8:00 AMRegistration / Breakfast
8:50 AMOpening Remarks
9:00 AMScience and Serendipity in Heterogeneous Catalysis Research
Ive Hermans, University of Wisconsin - Madison
9:40 AMHydrogen Spillover to Carbon Supports: Bridging the Gap Between Experiment and Theory
Angela Lueking, Pennsylvania State University
10:20 AMCoffee Break
10:40 AMDesign and Synthesis of Nanostructured Carbide and Nitride Based Catalysts
Levi Thompson, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
11:20 AMMicrolith Coated Mesh Substrates for Process Intensification
Jeffrey Weissman, Precision Combustion
12:00 PMLunch
1:20 PMCatalytic Conversion of Sour Natural Gas into Value Added Fuels and Chemicals
Jonas Baltrusaitis, Lehigh University
2:00 PMSerendipitous Discovery of a Nano-structured Yttrium Oxychloride Catalyst for the Selective Dehydration of Phenol
David Barton, Dow Chemical Co.
2:40 PMCoffee Break
3:00 PM Award Announcement
3:20 PMStabilization of Metastable Oxides via Surface Modification
Daniel Gregory, Lehigh University
3:40 PMControlling the Al Distribution and Cu Speciation and Proximity in Cu-SSZ-13 Zeolites: Consequences for NOx SCR Catalysis
Raj Gounder, Purdue University
4:20 PMClosing Remarks
4:30 PMConference Adjourns

2015 Spring Symposium

8:00 amRegistration - Breakfast
8:40 amOpening Remarks
8:45 amWei Fan, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Development of Hierarchical Zeolite Catalysts for Bulky Molecule Reactions
9:25 amDion G. Vlachos, University of Delaware
Renewable Chemicals and Fuels from Biomass
10:05 amGraham Hibbert, HEL Group
Platinum Sponsor Presentation: HEL – Better Chemistry – Faster
10:20 amCoffee Break
10:40 amSteven L. Suib, University of Connecticut
Novel Porous Metal Oxides and Sulfides and Their Applications in Adsorption, Batteries, and Catalysis
11:20 amMarco J. Castaldi, City College of New York/CUNY
The Role of Oxidation State on Regeneration Capacity When Reforming Oxygenated Fuels With Rh Based Catalysts
12:00 pmLunch
1:20 pmRobert Farrauto, Columbia University
A Dual Function Material for Capturing and Catalytically Converting CO2 to Synthetic Natural Gas Using Renewable H2
2:00 pmHasan Dindi, DuPont
“Design of Bimetallic Catalysts for Use in DuPont’s IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Reactors”
2:40 pm Bryan Yonemoto, University of Delaware
Student Poster Winner: “Mesoporous Materials for Energy Applications”
3:00 pmAward Announcement
3:15 pmCoffee Break
3:35 pmCathy H-Y. Chin, University of Toronto
Catalytic Conversion of Renewable Feedstocks to Value-Added Products
4:15 pmPhillip E. Savage, Penn State
Advances and Applications of Hydrothermal Catalysis
4:55 pmClosing Remarks
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2014 Spring Symposium

8:15 amRegistration - Breakfast
8:55 amOpening Remarks
9:00 amExploring the Catalytic Properties of Cu/SSZ-13 using NO Oxidation and Standard Selective Reduction of NO with NH3
Fabio H. Ribeiro, Purdue University
Abstract »
9:45 amLife Cycle of Catalytic Diesel Emission Control Systems
Alexey Yezerets, Cummins Inc
Abstract »
10:30 amWelcome to HEL – Better Chemistry – Faster
Harold O’Grady, HEL Inc. - Platinum sponsor presentation
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10:45 amCoffee Break
11:05 amAnalysis of the Mechanism of Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction and Development of Ag- and Pt-alloy Catalysts for Low Temperature Fuel Cells
Suljo Linic, University of Michigan
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11:50 pmLunch
1:15 pmAlkene Metathesis for Propylene Production over W-based Catalysts: Insights from Multi-Functional Catalysts and Metallacyclobutanes
Chris Nicholas, UOP
Abstract »
2:00 pmSynthesis and directed self-assembly of monodisperse nanocrystals as a route to engineering nanoscale catalytic contacts in model supported catalysts
Chris Murray, University of Pennsylvania
Abstract »
2:45 pmZn Modification of Pt(111) for the Hydrodeoxygenation of Aldoses
Jesse McManus, University of Pennsylvania - Winner of graduate student poster competition
Abstract »
3:05 pm Announcement of 2014 Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award Winner
3:10 pmBreak
3:30 pmSurface Reactions of Biomass-Derived Polyols on Metal Oxides and Supported Metal Catalysts
Carsten Sievers, Georgia Institute of Technology
Abstract »
4:15 pmNanoporous Materials for Solar Fuel Production
Feng Jiao, University of Delaware
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5:00 pmClosing Remarks
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2013 Spring Symposium

8:00 amRegistration and Continental Breakfast
8:55 amOpening Remarks
9:00 amCharles H.F. PedenNew Insights into the Synthesis of Methanol on Copper
Charles H. F. Peden, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Abstract »
9:50 amJeffrey GreeleyA First Principles View of Reactivity Trends in Heterogeneous Catalysis and Electrocatalysis
Jeffrey Greeley, Purdue University
Abstract »
10:40 amCoffee Break
11:00 amMichael A. SmithSupported Catalysts: Does Surface Roughness Matter? A Case Study With VOx-SBA-15
Michael A. Smith, Villanova University
Abstract »
11:50 amThomas R. GordonNonaqueous Strategies to Manipulate the Morphology, Phase, and Photocatalytic Activity of Monodisperse TiO2 Nanocrystals
Thomas R. Gordon, University of Pennsylvania - CCP Stu­dent Poster Com­pe­ti­tion winner
Abstract »
12:10 pmLunch Buffet
1:10 pmThomas F. DegnanCatalysis in a Pocket: The MCM-22 Story
Thomas F. Degnan, Jr., ExxonMobil - 2012 Ciapetta Award Lecture
Abstract »
2:10 pmDongxia LiuCatalytic Characterization of Hierarchical Meso-/microporous Lamellar Zeolite Catalysts
Dongxia Liu, University of Maryland - College Park
Abstract »
3:00 pm Announcement of 2013 Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award Winner
3:05 pmCoffee Break
3:20 pmMichael T. KleinSoftware Tools for the Construction of Detailed Kinetic Models
Michael T. Klein, University of Delaware
Abstract »
4:10 pmAndrew M. RappePolar substrates and nonstoichiometric surfaces:
new routes to active and controllable heterogeneous catalysts

Andrew M. Rappe, University of Pennsylvania
Abstract »
5:00 pmClosing Remarks
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2012 Spring Symposium

8:00 amRegistration and Continental Breakfast
8:55 amOpening Remarks
9:00 amEngineering Molecular Transformation over Supported Catalysts for Sustainable Energy Conversion
Matt Neurock, University of Virginia
Abstract »
9:50 amSelective Hydrodeoxygenation of m-cresol over Bifunctional Metal-Acid Catalysts
Raul Lobo, University of Delaware
Abstract »
10:30 amCoffee Break
10:50 amCommercialization of a Novel Methyl Methacrylate Process - Catalyst Design and Development
David Johnson, Lucite International
Abstract »
11:30 amEfficient and Selective Multifunctional Nanocatalysts: New Synthetic Strategies and Potential Applications
Tewodros Asefa, Rutgers University
Abstract »
12:10 pmFormic Acid Decomposition on Bulk Metal Catalysts
Yadan Tang, Lehigh University (runner-up in CCP student poster competition)
Abstract »
12:30 pmLunch Buffet
1:40 pmConsequences of Acid Strength and Confinement in Catalytic Reactions Mediated by Ion-pair Transition States
Enrique Iglesia, University of California, Berkeley
Abstract »
2:30 pmDesktop Molecular Modeling Help in Clarifying Odd Experimental Observations on Zeolites and Silica Gels
Istvan Halasz, PQ Corporation
Abstract »
3:10 pmAnnouncement of 2012 Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award Winner
3:20 pmCoffee Break
3:40 pmDensity Functional Theory Studies of Electrocatalysis
Michael Janik, Penn State
Abstract »
4:20 pmCatalysis Challenges in Pharmaceutical Process Development
Alan Allgeier, DuPont (formerly Amgen Inc.)
Abstract »
5:00 pmClosing Remarks
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2011 Spring Symposium

8:00 amRegistration and Continental Breakfast
8:25 amWelcome
8:30 amCatalysis and Energy Interlinked as Businesses
John Armor, Global Catalysis
Abstract »
9:30 amThe Trials and Tribulations of Zeolite Structure Analysis
Lynne McCusker, ETH Zürich, IZA Ambassador
Abstract »
10:30 amCoffee Break
10:45 amFischer-Tropsch Catalysis: Early 20th Century Technology Re-invented for the 21st Century
John Casci, Johnson Matthey
Abstract »
11:30 amPhotocatalytic Products for De-pollution in a Major City
Robert McIntrye, Millennium Inorganic Chemicals a Cristal Company
Abstract »
12:15 pmLunch
1:45 pmMulti functional Catalysts and Reactors for Lean NOx Reduction
Michael Harold, University of Houston
Abstract »
2:20 pmThe Roles of External and Microporous Acidity in Alkylation and Trans Alkylation
Deng-Yang Y Jan, UOP
Abstract »
2:55 pmPresentation of 2011 Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award
3:05 pmCoffee Break
3:25 pmReducibility of Cobalt Supported on SBA-15 and Zirconia for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Kevin Bakhmutsky, University of Pennsylvania - Student Poster Award Winner
Abstract »
3:45 pmHigher Catalytic Rates in Smaller Zeolite Channels
Aditya Bhan, University of Delaware
Abstract »
4:25 pmClosing
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