2008 Spring Symposium

7:45 AMRegistration and Continental Breakfast
8:25 AMWelcome
8:30 AMCiapetta Lecture - 2008
Automotive emission control: past, present and future
Robert J. Farrauto, BASF Catalysts
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9:10 AMMolecular Basket Sorbents as a Novel Approach to CO2 Capture and Separation
Chunshan Song, The Pennsylvania State University
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9:50 AMCoffee Break
10:10 AMSearch for a better water gas shift catalyst
Fabio H. Ribeiro, Purdue University
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10:50 AMCooperative and environmental effects in catalysts
Harold H. Kung, Northwestern University
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11:30 AMPolarization dependence of adsorption on ferroelectric BaTiO3 surfaces
Mosha Zhao, University of Pennsylvania
Winner of CCP 2008 Poster Competition
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11:55 AMAnnouncement of 2008 CCP Award
12:00 AMLunch
1:30 PMChallenges and solutions in diesel emission control
Andy Walker, Johnson Matthey
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2:10 PMThe development of nano-composite electrodes for natural gas-assisted
steam electrolysis for hydrogen production

Raymond J. Gorte, University of Pennsylvania
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2:50 PMCoffee Break
3:10 PMThe use of ultra high field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to study the surface structure and catalytic properties of poorly crystalline γ-Al2O3 surfaces
Charles H. F. Peden, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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3:50 PMCatalysis for decentralized hydrogen production
Dion G. Vlachos, University of Delaware
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4:30 PMClosing
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2007 Spring Symposium

7:45 AMRegistration and Refreshments
8:25 AMWelcome
8:30 AMThe Importance of Catalysis in the Conversion of Renewable Resources to Useful Biomaterials
Timothy D. Gierke, DuPont
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9:15 AMHeterogeneous Catalysis for Hydrogenation of Biorenewable Intermediates
Dennis J. Miller, Michigan State
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10:10 AMFunctional Mesoporous Metal oxides for Bio-mimetic Cooperative Catalysis and Biodiesel Synthesis
Victor S.-Y. Lin, Iowa State
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10:50 AMReforming of Ethylene Glycol and Ethanol for H2 Production on Bimetallic Surfaces
Jingguang Chen, University of Delaware
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11:20 AMMechanistic Studies of the Steam Reforming of Methanol on Pd/ZnO Catalysts
Eseoghene Jeroro, University of Pennsylvania - Winner 2007 Poster Competition
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11:45 AMAnnouncement of CCP Awardee
1:00 PMThe need for realistic testing in the development of monolithic catalysts for hydrogen generation
Wolfgang Ruettinger, BASF
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1:40 PMHighly Active Catalysts for Production of Hydroxylamine
Jaime R. Blanton, Degussa Corporation
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2:10 PMDiscovery of CO Oxidation and Water Gas Shift Catalysts Using High Throughput Reactors
Joel Cizeron, Symyx
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2:55 PMAqueous Phase Catalytic Upgrading of Biomass to Address Fuels and Chemicals
John Holladay, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Abstract »
3:35 PMCarbon Nanotubes as Heterogeneous Catalyst Supports
Al Metauro, Hyperion Catalysis
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4:05 PMClosing
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