2018 Spring Symposium

8:00 AMRegistration / Breakfast
8:55 AMOpening Remarks
9:00 AMFabrication of Nano-Structured Catalyst Supports by ALD
Prof. Raymond J. Gorte, University of Pennsylvania
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9:40 AMInfluence of Confining Environment Polarity on Ethanol Dehydration Catalysis by Lewis Acid Zeolites
Prof. Rajamani Gounder, Purdue University
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10:20 AMCoffee Break
10:40 AMLow temperature NOx storage on zeolite supported Pd for low temperature diesel engine emission control
Dr. Loredana Mantaroşie, Johnson Matthey Technology Centre
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11:20 AMMechanisms, active intermediates, and descriptors for epoxidation rates and selectivities on dispersed early transition metals
Prof. David Flaherty, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
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12:00 PMLunch
1:10 PMCommercial Perspective of Alternative Routes to Acrylic Acid Monomer
Dr. Jinsuo Xu, Dow Chemical Company
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1:50 PMTuning the Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity of PtCo Nanocrystals by Cobalt Concentration and Phase Transformation Methods
Jennifer D. Lee, University of Pennsylvania (Student Poster Award Speaker)
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2:30 PM Award Announcement
2:40 PMCoffee Break
2:55 PMSelective Catalytic Oxidation of Alcohols over Supported Metal Nanoparticles and Atomically-Dispersed Metal Cations
Prof. Robert J. Davis, University of Virginia
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3:35 PMUsing Water as a Co-catalyst in Heterogeneous Catalysis to Improve Activity and Selectivity
Prof. Lars C. Grabow, University of Houston
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4:15 PMRenewable Isoprene By Sequential Hydrogenation of Itaconic Acid and Dehydra-Decyclization of 3-Methyl-Tetrahydrofuran
Dr. Omar Abdelrahman, University of Minnesota
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4:55 PMClosing Remarks
5:00 PMConference Adjourns
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