2001-2002 Meeting Program

Thursday, 20-Sept-20012001 CCP Award Lecture
Unconventional Approaches to Mechanisms in Selective Oxidation Catalysis
Mark Barteau, University of Delaware
Thursday, 11-Oct-2001Development of a New Caprolactam-Process: Catalyst Design and Process Engineering
Wolfgang F. Hoelderich and Gerd Dahlhoff
Department of Chemical Technology and Heterogeneous Catalysis
University of Technology
RWTH-Aachen, Aachen, Germany
Tuesday, 13-Nov-2001High Throughput Catalysis & Process Chemistry: “A Paradigm Shift in R&D”
Ian Maxwell
Avantium Technologies B.V.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Thursday, 6-Dec-2002Recent Advances in the Use of CO2 as a Raw Material
Eric J. Beckman, University of Pittsburgh
Thursday, 17-Jan-2002Developing Catalyst Structure-Performance Relationships: Applications of Experimental and Theoretical Methods
Alexis T. Bell, University of California
Thursday, 21-Feb-2002Advances in Fuel Processor Catalysts
Anca Ghenciu, Johnson Matthey
Thursday, 21-Mar-2002Homogenous - Phase Separable Catalysis in Alternative Reaction Media
William Tumas, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Thursday, 18-Apr-2002Title to be announced
Tobin J. Marks, Northwestern University