Winners of the 2012 Annual Student Poster Competition

The Catal­y­sis Club of Philadel­phia annual stu­dent poster con­test for the 2012– 2013 sea­son took place on Octo­ber 18th 2012 at the Wilm­ing­ton Dou­ble Tree Hotel, 4727 Con­cord Pike Wilm­ing­ton, DE. Out of the twenty five abstracts sub­mit­ted, twenty were pre­sented by grad­u­ate stu­dents and five by post-doctoral fel­lows. The four first place win­ners were

  • Jesse R. McManus (Uni­ver­sity of Penn­syl­va­nia) with “Cor­re­lat­ing Sur­face Chem­istry of Gly­co­lalde­hyde and Glyc­er­alde­hyde with Glu­cose, a Mech­a­nis­tic Study on Pd(111)”
  • Christo­pher J. Ketu­rakis (Lehigh Uni­ver­sity) with “New Insights into the Water-Gas Shift Reac­tion over Bulk Cr2O3*Fe2O3 Mixed Oxide Cat­a­lysts: A Com­bined Operando Raman-IR-XAS-XPS Investigation”
  • Vinit Choud­hary (Uni­ver­sity of Delaware) with “Fur­fural Pro­duc­tion from Xylose in Aque­ous Media in a Cas­cade of Reac­tions using Het­ero­ge­neous and Homo­ge­neous Catalysis”
  • Yiqing Wu (Uni­ver­sity of Mary­land) with “Cat­alytic Char­ac­ter­i­za­tion of Hier­ar­chi­cal Meso-/microporous MFI and MWW Zeolites”.

The top hon­ors place was awarded to Thomas R. Gor­don from the Uni­ver­sity of Penn­syl­va­nia, with his poster titled “Non­aque­ous Syn­the­sis of TiO2 Nanocrys­tals Using TiF4 to Engi­neer Mor­phol­ogy, Oxy­gen Vacancy Con­cen­tra­tion, and Pho­to­cat­alytic Activity”.