Photocatalytic Products for De-pollution in a Major City

2011 Spring Symposium

Robert McIntrye
Millennium Inorganic Chemicals a Cristal Company

Abstract – Photocatalytic products have been around for many years with use in numerous applications. Photocatalytic TiO2 is being used today in air purification devices and as surface treatment and additive in ceramics, cement, transportation infrastructure and glass. These products are being utilized or evaluated for their de-pollution, self-cleaning, anti-fungal, and environmental improvement attributes. Photocatalytic coatings are one of the tools we have which can be used to combat the air quality issues. Many trials have been carried out using photocatalytic products. For the first time, trials have shown, quantitatively, the de-pollution effect using chemilluminescence monitors over extended periods. This allows unambiguous statistical analysis which proves the technology is a cost effective practical solution to inner city pollution problems. In this presentation we evaluate the efficiency of two types of photocatalytic products with respect to the removal of hazardous NOx pollution: photocatalytic paints and transparent clear coatings for concrete surfaces. The setting of important field test trials and the corresponding results are analyzed and presented in details in this lecture.

Speaker’s Biography – Robert McIntrye is currently the Global Research Director for Millennium Inorganic Chemicals a Cristal Company. Prior to joining Millenium, Robert was a research manager for ICI (’92 – ’97) and Surface Chemistry Courtaulds (’87 – ’92).