2012–2013 Meeting Program

Thurs­day, 20-Sep-2012Water Gas Shift over Indus­tri­al Cu Cat­a­lysts: A Mech­a­nis­tic and Micro­ki­net­ic Inves­ti­ga­tion
Ros­tam J. Madon, BASF Cor­po­ra­tion — 2012 CCP Award Lec­ture
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Thurs­day, 18-Oct-2012Poster Ses­sion
Time: 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
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Thurs­day, 18-Oct-2012Israel E. WachsPer­va­sive­ness of Sur­face Met­al Oxide Phas­es In Mixed Oxide Cat­a­lysts
Israel E. Wachs, Lehigh Uni­ver­si­ty, Beth­le­hem, PA
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Thurs­day, 15-Nov-2012A DFT study of the acid-cat­alyzed con­ver­sion of 2,5-dimethylfuran and eth­yl­ene to p-xylene
Nima Nikbin, Uni­ver­si­ty of Delaware — Stu­dent Pre­sen­ta­tion
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Thurs­day, 15-Nov-2012Jason B. BaxterDesign­ing and Prob­ing Pho­to­volta­ic and Pho­to­cat­alyt­ic Mate­ri­als
Jason B. Bax­ter, Drex­el Uni­ver­si­ty
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Thurs­day, 17-Jan-2013Stuart SoledSup­port­ed Met­al Cat­a­lysts — Issues and Oppor­tu­ni­ties
Stu­art Soled, Exxon­Mo­bile Research and Engi­neer­ing Co.
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Thurs­day, 21-Feb-2013Nom­i­na­tion of new offi­cers

Thurs­day, 21-Feb-2013Anne GaffneyOxida­tive Dehy­dro­gena­tion of Ethane to Eth­yl­ene
Anne Gaffney, AMG Catal­y­sis and Chem­istry Con­sult­ing, LLC
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Thurs­day, 21-Mar-2013James B. MillerSul­fur-Resis­tant Pd- Alloy Mem­branes for H2 Purifi­ca­tion
James B. Miller, Carnegie Mel­lon
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Thurs­day, 21-Mar-2013Nature of Cat­alytic Active Sur­face Sites on Semi­con­duc­tor Photo­cat­a­lysts for Split­ting of Water
Som­phonh Peter Phivi­lay, Lehigh Uni­ver­sity — Stu­dent Pre­sen­ta­tion
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Thurs­day, 18-Apr-2013Elec­tion of new offi­cers
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Thurs­day, 18-Apr-2013John KitchinIn Situ Spec­tro­scop­ic Stud­ies of Met­al Oxide Elec­trodes Dur­ing Water Oxi­da­tion
John Kitchin, Carnegie Mel­lon Uni­ver­si­ty
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Thurs­day, 9-May-2013Spring Sym­po­sium
Carl Men­ning, Orga­niz­er
Dou­ble­tree Hotel in Wilm­ing­ton, DE
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