Rostam Madon is the recipient of the 2012 Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award

The Catalysis Club of Philadelphia is pleased to announce Dr. Rostam Madon as the recipient of the 2012 Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the fields of Fischer-Tropsch and fluid catalytic cracking catalysts.

Rostam obtained his PhD in chemical engineering from Stanford University. While at Stanford, Rostam helped develop the Madon-Boudart criterion for identifying mass-transfer, heat transfer, and poisoning effects on catalytic rates. The criterion is used today in academic and industrial laboratories worldwide.

After post-doctoral research at the University of Wisconsin, Rostam started his industrial career at Exxon where he discovered the importance of support oxide structures in controlling the overall reaction rates for Fischer-Tropsch catalytic chemistry. This finding led to the development of a specific oxide support enabling Exxon’s Advanced Gas Conversion 21th (AGC21) process and catalysts and was cited by Exxon’s Corporate Research during its 30th Anniversary as a key development during that period. His work and collaborations on Fischer-Tropsch catalysts, also led to important contributions on the impact of sulfur on activity patterns and modeling chain growth reaction pathways.

In 1986, Rostam transitioned to Engelhard (now BASF) and began to focus on fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalysts. His study of FCC catalysts has led to many important insights. In particular, Rostam led the development of the Reduxion-Maxol® suite of catalysts which were the result of understanding the interplay between of the matrix and zeolite Y and have been used in over 100 refineries worldwide. Furthermore, he explained the role of ZSM-5 as a co-catalyst in FCC units and the role of rare earth oxides in increasing the rates of hydride transfer during hydrocarbon cracking reactions. Rostam has authored 43 technical papers and been awarded 9 US patents. Additionally in 2009, Rostam was awarded the AIChE Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Practice Award.

Please join us in congratulating Rostam on receiving the 2012 Catalysis Club of Philadelphia award.