ezPayPal Shop

This is an auto-gen­er­at­ed page by Easy Pay­Pal Plu­g­in. It dis­plays the prod­ucts you have defined in a neat table for­mat, which allows your poten­tial buy­ers to pur­chase them.

Whether you dis­play this page or not, you should not delete it. This page is the tar­get to which Pay­Pal will send the infor­ma­tion about your pur­chas­es. It is the Pay­Pal Lis­ten­er and the plu­g­in will not work if it is not reach­abe at http://​catal​y​sis​clubphilly​.org/​a​w​e​9​a​9​1​v​/​e​z​-​s​hop. Please click to ver­i­fy.

If the shop page (http://​catal​y​sis​clubphilly​.org/​a​w​e​9​a​9​1​v​/​e​z​-​s​hop) is not reach­able, please enable a perma­link struc­ture for your blog. Any struc­ture (oth­er than the ugly default struc­ture using ?p=) will do.

Note that you can cre­ate your own shop pages using the short­codes. For exam­ple, each prod­uct can be dis­played as a Buy Now using the short­code for­mat [[ezshop buy='product_code']Buy Now[/ezshop]]. This will insert a link, which when clicked, will take your read­er to a Pay­Pal page to buy the prod­uct.

The ez-shop page is not meant to be a pub­lic page. It is a page need­ed for the plu­g­in to receive mes­sages from Pay­Pal and han­dle them. It is also a quick page to show you that the plu­g­in is work­ing. Please cre­ate a pret­ty page with links using short codes.

If you decide to edit this page, please do not delete the [[ezshop]] line below this line.