Improved methane reforming activity and coking resistance of self-regenerating Ni catalyst by Atomic Layer Deposition

Meeting Program — February 2018

Chao Lin — Stu­dent Speak­er

Advi­sor: Ray­mond J. Gorte
Depart­ment of Chem­i­cal and Bio­mol­e­c­u­lar Engi­neer­ing
Uni­ver­si­ty of Penn­syl­va­nia

Abstract — Per­ovskite-sup­port­ed Ni cat­a­lysts were pre­pared by Atom­ic Lay­er Depo­si­tion for use in CO2 and steam reform­ing of methane. Thin films of CaTiO3 were grown on MgAl2O4 and used as the sup­port. These cat­a­lysts were found to be self-regen­er­at­ing fol­low­ing redox cycling. Activ­i­ties for the ALD-pre­pared cat­a­lysts were high­er than that observed on Ni/MgAl2O4 in both steam reform­ing and dry reform­ing. More impor­tant­ly, the per­ovskite-sup­port­ed cat­a­lysts showed min­i­mal cok­ing, even upon expo­sure to dry methane at high tem­per­a­tures.